Who am I?

The name is Frederik Samberg, live in Copenhagen, Denmark, and works in the IT business.

I do a lot of administation tasks, and specializes in Windows, Active Directory and WDS/SCCM.

I also have quite a lot of experience in many other fields including video, sound and image editing, website programming, 3d animations, network security/ethical hacking, IoT devices and more :-)

Welcome to my portfolio :-)

Hi! I build this site to share all my small ideas and scripts, with anyone who can use them :-)

Most (all of it?) of my stuff is written either VB or PowerShell

Hit me up on foomer@gmail.com :-)

And yes, this page is 100% HTML, because i was lazy..
Deal with it..

Newest projects

  • 24th of April, 2017

    Working on a small script, that should extract all subtitles (.srt), embedded into .mp4 files and place it in the same directory as the source file.


    Coming very soon :-)

  • 30th of March, 2017

    My famous video converter script has been updated to version 1.1, cleared up a few errors.


    Launching a version 1.2 with user input like path-to-files and wether you want to "copy" the bitrate, or use a specific one.

  • 3rd of March, 2017

    Updated my page to a portfolio of my different projects :-)